Center for Creative Partnerships is an educational organization of Conscience and Social Justice that promotes community involvement through the arts and humanities, including civil and human rights.


A. To serve the community and its young people by establishing educational and cultural opportunities;

B. To encourage critical thinking, creative skills and social consciousness;                        

G. To foster commitment and action for social justice initiatives;                                         

H. To plan future steps for achieving full civil, educational, political, social and economic 

rights for all people;                                                                                                    


In order to carry out its mission and purpose, Center for Creative Partnerships will enter into partnerships, collaborative programs and consultancies with individuals and institutions. Center for Creative Partnerships will:


1.  Create safe, open forums for sharing ideas and artistic expression; 

2.  Produce and curate  visual and performing arts exhibitions and humanities presentations;

3.  Work with and provide consultancies to museums, theaters, schools, universities/colleges;

4.  Partner with organizations on projects and fundraising;  

5.  Facilitate statewide, regional, national and international discussions organized around issues of civil, political, social and economic equality.                                            


Center for Creative Partnerships was created in the late 1990's by Ellen Zisholtz and historic architect, Craig Morrison. The first projects were the development of Strategic Plans for Charlottesville, Virginia (including the restoration of the Paramount Theater) and 

Jackson, Mississippi (including the restoration of the Alamo Theatre). Ellen Zisholtz continued to organize social justice programs while working in New York City; Savannah, Georgia; Beaufort, South Carolina; and as Director/Curator/Assistant Professor of the I.P. Stanback Museum and Planetarium at South Carolina State University. In January, 2020, Center for Creative Partnerships became a non-profit organization.